I wish I had a laugh emoji for your comments. You're so missing the mark. Again, you're moving the goal posts. "OK, it's not racism, it's POLICE killing too many people." Well guess what? POLICE ARE KILLING PEOPLE WHEN GUNS ARE PULLED ON THEM OR THREATS TO THEIR LIVES ARE MADE, WHICH IS 95% OF THE TIME.


Murders went up 3,500 total last year. You're going to be hearing the number in Fall 2021 when they make it official, but the data is already out there. The data is clear:


And you're going to cry about the…

Pandering for Votes Means Misleading the Public About How Racist & Draconian Law Enforcement Is Today. Will This Prove to Be a Winning Issue for Democrats as Double-Digit Murder Increases Befall 36 of 50 American Cities?

Breaking News August 11: Joe Biden picks Kamala Harris as his VP in 2020 presidential election. (Photo from NY Post)

IHME Projections Indicate U.S. Will Not Surpass Several European Countries by October 1

When Per Capita Lives Matter and When They Don’t

Today I learned yet another lesson in how ideology can trump reason. I affirmed there’s a new religion where methodologies for favored issues are tossed aside when arguing a political point.

This mostly has to do with Donald Trump, of course.

We’re not dealing with coronavirus in the United States like other countries. We’re dealing with it in a divided country. I’d call it a cultural and political Civil War, but apparently you can’t use that term anymore.

What’s scary is this is being done by intelligent people with advanced degrees.

* And unarmed white Americans numbered nearly 20, but you didn’t see that in the media, did you?

SOURCE, Washington Post (Tip: Click “Weapon” +“Unarmed” and then click “Race”): https://www.washingtonpost.com/graphics/2019/national/police-shootings-2019/ ∙ JUNE 11 UPDATE: Apparently, after this “9” and “19” number of unarmed killings by police was sporadically making the rounds and receiving pushback by media gatekeepers after the protests erupted (and still ongoing), The Washington Post in early June went back and updated their database. They added around 14 more “unarmed” killings for a total of 55 (14 black, 25 white) in 2019 out of 375 million encounters and around 10 million arrests. Just around 5% of fatal shootings by police involve an unarmed individual. A more accurate headline would be, “Unarmed Killings of African Americans Numbered 14 Last Year, 3 Times Fewer Than 2015.” Go to asterisk graphic (*) at bottom of this page for more details and two-months-into-the-protests wrap-up.

Part I: The Parallels to the Kavanaugh Hearing Leave a Stench

Vice President Joseph Biden’s words in September 2018.

That smell? It’s not victory. It’s more like stale double standards and rotten hypocrisy. A current battle is brewing within media and the Democratic party. Blame is deflected at the anti-Biden left and Trump supporters, who obviously have a self-interest.

I’d like to think I don’t have one. I voted for former Veep and Obama-buddy Joseph Biden three times. Yet I’m more interested in the truth and principle than finessing favored outcomes. My pet peeve is intellectual inconsistency, and my bias is railing against it. Even at a cost.

We’re talking about the possibility of Biden sexually assaulting someone who…

Governor Andrew Cuomo Releases New Coronavirus Antibodies Testing Data April 23, 2020, and Here’s the Quick Data Rundown (& Here’s a Quick Answer: It’s 0.5%)

This all begs the question: Did Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York beat President Donald Trump and the federal government in providing some of the most key testing and data results since the Coronavirus pandemic broke out? Let’s put politics aside for a minute, though, and look at the results.

The Gist

Today we heard some good news.

Consider this simply a primary source list of data on April 23, 2020. Citizens have a right to say this is “good news” because we now know with near certainty that Coronavirus is far less lethal than many speculated early on in the pandemic. Those early projections are partially what prompted the dramatic social distancing measures much of the world took — Sweden being the outlier — to “flatten the curve” and not overwhelm hospitals.

We likely always knew overall cases and the official Case Fatality Rate (CFR) was the tip of the iceberg…

Consistently major media fails to point out empirical evidence showing that 95% of people in prison are NOT low-level drug offenders or pot smokers that so many believe fill our prisons.

For days I’ve been attempting to keep something nasty at bay, and despite all remedies, I just have to address it and give it a name. I call it: CoronaPoliticking.

You may have noticed something similar the past 48 hours in the Trillion dollar-plus stimulus package by both Democrats trying to add “gender pay equity provisions” and diversity requirements and Republicans attempting “corporate giveaways” and limit oversight to the Treasury Department. Right-wing and left-wing media were up-in-arms for a hot minute. Thankfully, it’s close to passing and being signed by the president. …

The Washington Post October 14, 2019: “Nothing computes about Ms. Jefferson’s killing except for one thing: She was black, and the officer who killed her, Aaron Dean, was white. And that is an all-too familiar equation. Late Monday, he was charged with murder after resigning earlier in the day, shortly before the police department planned to fire him, authorities said.”

The Washington Post’s own research indicates MORE than 4 out of 10 cops killed in the line of duty are by black perpetrators and LESS than 4 out of 10 people killed by police while unarmed are black (27.5% so far in 2019). So why doesn’t mainstream media point that out? Why not mention that “unarmed” killings of citizens of any race are anomalies in policing? SHORT ANSWER: Political correctness doesn’t allow for empirical truth.

What’s wrong with speaking the truth to Americans?

The Washington Post & Major Media Again Covers Up for the False Narrative that the Criminal Justice System is Racist, Even When Politicians Exaggerate by Four Times

When a candidate for president praised for his intelligence says one population is 400% more likely to be incarcerated for the same crime than another, and the reality is the difference is shown as negligible in peer-reviewed reports and studies, then we may have a “truth” problem. Factually, black-white sentencing disparities range from 5% to 20%, and even 0% in a U.S. Justice Department survey of felony cases in the country’s 75 largest urban counties. …

David Shuey

Writer. Researcher. Designer. Human seeking better outcomes. Also searching for relevant facts and logical arguments above expedient or politial narratives.

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