6 Reasons the U.S. May Not Be the ‘Worst Hit’ Country by Coronavirus

IHME Projections Indicate U.S. Will Not Surpass Several European Countries by October 1

The moment when New York Times on March 26 said the USA was “hardest hit” by the coronavirus pandemic and I knew media was misrepresenting data. If you read those highlighted words to an Italian doctor or nurse they may scowl and hit you upside the head with their N95 mask.

“USA is doing worse than any other country in the world since it has the highest number of deaths, hospitalizations and reported cases. And it’s also running on a rising epidemiological curve. Period.”

Six Major European Countries Have Higher Per Capita Death Rates from Covid-19 Compared to the United States

June 29 screenshot: U.S. is 9th in Coronavirus deaths per capita. SOURCE: https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/
Interestingly, the numbers show that Europe also only has 14% of the world’s confirmed cases. Europe does have a slightly older population, but looking closely not by much. The U.S. has 16% of their country age 65 or older, and most of the countries in Europe are around 18–20%, with Italy topping out at 22.8%.

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Belgium vs. U.S. (and Guatemala)

United Kingdom vs. U.S. (and Spain)

Italy vs. U.S. (Spain Again!)

France vs. U.S. (France Comes Out Ahead)

Mexico vs. U.S. (Not a Good Sign for Central America, Sadly)


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