Yes, I’m talking to you.

There’s a reason why Chicago police literally turned their back on Mayor Lori Lightfoot as they mourned the loss of one officer and prayed for another clinging to life. It’s not pettiness. It’s legitimate anger.

Anyone taking an honest look at the police and crime data can see an ongoing…

I wish I had a laugh emoji for your comments. You're so missing the mark. Again, you're moving the goal posts. "OK, it's not racism, it's POLICE killing too many people." Well guess what? …

Pandering for Votes Means Misleading the Public About How Racist & Draconian Law Enforcement Is Today. Will This Prove to Be a Winning Issue for Democrats as Double-Digit Murder Increases Befall 36 of 50 American Cities?

IHME Projections Indicate U.S. Will Not Surpass Several European Countries by October 1

When Per Capita Lives Matter and When They Don’t

Today I learned yet another lesson in how ideology can trump reason. I affirmed there’s a new religion where methodologies for favored issues are tossed aside when arguing a political point.

This mostly has to do with Donald Trump, of course.

We’re not dealing with coronavirus in the United States…

* And unarmed white Americans numbered nearly 20, but you didn’t see that in the media, did you?

Author’s Note: Three captions below are addendum thoughts related to the “9” unarmed killings of black Americans by police, which changed to “14” and then “12.” If I could do it over again, my headline would be, “Unarmed Killings of African Americans Numbered 14 Last Year, A Threefold Drop Since…

Part I: The Parallels to the Kavanaugh Hearing Leave a Stench

That smell? It’s not victory. It’s more like stale double standards and rotten hypocrisy. A current battle is brewing within media and the Democratic party. Blame is deflected at the anti-Biden left and Trump supporters, who obviously have a self-interest.

I’d like to think I don’t have one. I voted…

Governor Andrew Cuomo Releases New Coronavirus Antibodies Testing Data April 23, 2020, and Here’s the Quick Data Rundown (& Here’s a Quick Answer: It’s 0.5%)

The Gist

Today we heard some good news.

Consider this simply a primary source list of data on April 23, 2020. Citizens have a right to say this is “good news” because we now know with near certainty that Coronavirus is far less lethal than many speculated early on in the pandemic…

Consistently major media fails to point out empirical evidence showing that 95% of people in prison are NOT low-level drug offenders or pot smokers that so many believe fill our prisons.

For days I’ve been attempting to keep something nasty at bay, and despite all remedies, I just have to address it and give it a name. I call it: CoronaPoliticking.

You may have noticed something similar the past 48 hours in the Trillion dollar-plus stimulus package by both Democrats trying…

The Washington Post’s own research indicates MORE than 4 out of 10 cops killed in the line of duty are by black perpetrators and LESS than 4 out of 10 people killed by police while unarmed are black (27.5% so far in 2019). So why doesn’t mainstream media point that out? Why not mention that “unarmed” killings of citizens of any race are anomalies in policing? SHORT ANSWER: Political correctness doesn’t allow for empirical truth.

David Shuey

Writer. Researcher. Designer. Human seeking better outcomes. Also searching for relevant facts and logical arguments above expedient or politial narratives.

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