Also Chris, I've had people today see the evidence, and continue to say: "The threat of implied violence is much bigger against black people than white people in the US."

To which I answer, "Is it?"

Statistically, it's not true. People "feel" it's true, just like they "feel" like flying in an airplane is more dangerous than driving.

Another friend sent this CNN article today and I just looked at the numbers which can practically be done on the back of the envelope to find that if black folks weren't in the equation, Americans overall would be MORE likely to be killed by police in custody. What was 12 killings per 100,000 arrests became 13 killings per 100,000 arrests without black arrests and killings added to the equation. If the Black Lives Narrative were true the number would be 9 killings per 100,000 in that case or lower.

My feelings are pretty strong about this: The argument for systemic racism in policing use of force, and even the criminal justice system as a whole, is not based on hard evidence and realities on the ground.


Me calculating the odds without black arrest or killings factored in:



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