Coronavirus, Social Justice, and the New Religion

When Per Capita Lives Matter and When They Don’t

June 26 screenshot: U.S. is 9th in Coronavirus deaths per capita. SOURCE:
I still recall when New York Times on March 26 said the USA was “hardest hit” by the coronavirus pandemic without recognizing per capita numbers. In fact, I screen captured that moment. Intellectual inconsistency is contagious, as this would be the lead story across media and political circles with no mention that around 20 other countries were ahead of the U.S. in the rate of cases and deaths. Similarly, a month later NBC, NPR, The Intercept, and even National Geographic said the U.S. has more deaths from coronavirus than the Vietnam War, as if reading from the same 2020 Democrats talking points memo. The 100,000 deaths mark led to extensive and historical New York Times coverage. Which leads me to wonder about the counterfactual: Would Hillary Clinton receive such headlines? And how many more lives would be saved if she were president?

Per Capita vs. Sum Totals

Interestingly, the death rate is lower in the U.S. and that could be one reason several European countries still have far higher death rates as of June 27, 2020. Many of the new cases are from younger people. SOURCE: CNN

Where The Hypocrisy Rubber Meets The Road

The past two months have been filled with stories on disproportionate impact of coronavirus on black people.
Graph from CDC posted in a CBS-affiliated news station in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Addendum I: April and May Screenshots of Coronavirus Deaths Per Million

April 21: U.S. is 14th in coronavirus deaths per capita. SOURCE:
May 29: U.S. is 13th in coronavirus deaths per capita. SOURCE:

Addendum II: Religion is Taking Over Politics, Our Lives

“I’ve decided to write a manifesto on antiracism as a religion” — John McWhorter declairing his next book topic

Addendum III: I Got The Boot Again

Worth noting: The four people I tagged (redacted above) were all leaving comments directed at me after I was suspended from the group. However, I couldn’t respond until today (Sunday, June 28). One person is currently trying to lobby for my return after I got this one comment. I believe she personally phoned the admin. These four also “liked” the admin’s comment saying this utter foolishness: “USA is doing worse than any other country in the world since it has the highest number of deaths, hospitalizations, and reported cases.” For me, there’s no clearer example as to how seemingly smart people have gone off the deep end, as I’m in another group with near universal agreement that “per capita” matters more than sum total. They inspired me to write this post.

Addendum IV: The Future & a Reminder to Wear Your Masks!

Earlier projections showed a stabilization at this time at 60,000 deaths. As of June 28 the U.S. is at 123,000. Current projections for October 1 are at 179,106 deaths. SOURCE:

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