Dear Mr. Ezekilov — Wrote you on another thread. And while I may be closer to you ideologically, as a liberal who used to be an anti-war activist — and have been to my share of pro-immigration marches, etc. I worked in leftist media. Hell, I once war an anti-cop shirt that said “Warning: Police in Area” (picture: cop shooting citizen). I’m aware of many of your studies on disparities, and so forth. I think I was used as a reference, and I’m not InfoWars, trust me. I think you would be interested in my own Center for Policing Equity analysis I did twice.

First here:

The Debunking of a Misleading NY Times Headline: “Study Supports Suspicion That Police Are More Likely to Use Force on Blacks”

I suspect the perception and occasional reality of being treated different feeds the mistrust. Yet even if use of force is not shown 954 times out of 1000 arrests for black Americans (or 964 out of 1000 arrests for white Americans), writers on esteemed news sources like Public Radio International will continue to offer platforms for distortions like, “I know why Freddie Gray ran. And it’s not because of any history or anything he’s doing wrong. He ran because for young Black men, encounters with police often do not go well.” Actually, according to the Center for Policing Equity’s own data, 21 out 22 times they do “go well” with no “use of force” for blacks, and 27 out of 28 times it’s the same results for whites. And I’d say logic dictates Gray ran because he had more than 20 criminal court cases against him, often for drug dealing.

So what do you say to that factually accurate breakdown of Center for Policing Equity’s #s?

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