Fatal Shooting in Chicago: Still, Chicago Police Currently Among Nation’s Least Violent

But No One Knows This — or How Police Racial Bias is Close to Nil — Because Social Justice Narratives Over Facts Persist In Media, Costing Lives

Police standing off with angry citizens in Chicago’s Bronzeville neighborhood last night.
  • Chicago police have killed 2 people so far this year.
  • Police nationwide have killed 454.
  • Chicago is on pace for a police killing per capita rate that’s HALF of the national average, 1 in 675,000 Chicagoans compared to 1 in 350,000 Americans.
  • This should be a national headline. Or at the very least, a local one.

Local Chicago Media Ignore Good News That Police Kill Residents at Half the National Rate and Possibly Lower than Anytime in the Past 50 Years

But is it click-bait? I guess if it doesn’t bleed, it never leads.

  • WASHINGTON POST DATA 2015–2017 (N=2913)
    2.5% of all shooting fatalities by police are unarmed black males (73 out of 2913 total). Unarmed whites males also make up 2.5% of all shooting fatalities (75).
  • GUARDIAN DATA 2015–2016 (N=2239)
    Unarmed white women had a higher percentage of their killings occurring while unarmed, 37% compared to 28% for black women. White women are killed more often than black women than their arrests or interactions with police would predict (3 white women killed for every 1 black woman; for arrests the ratio is 2:1). Unarmed black women are under one-third of 1% of 2239 people killed 2015–2016. Some killings used by The Guardian include car accidents and domestic homicides, too, which can actually cause large fluctuations for women. These facts put into question many of the basic argument of the #SayHerName campaign, especially when women are 26% of the people arrested in the U.S. but 5% of those killed by police.
  • Blacks are killed in about 1 in 10,000 arrests [update: closer to 1 in 11,900]
  • Whites and Hispanics combined are killed in about 1 in 9,000 arrests [update: closer to 1 in 10,920, making this demographic 10% more likely to be shot and killed in 2017.]

Roughly 3.3% of Arrests for Whites in Chicago, and 4.0% of Arrests for Blacks, Involve Use of Force — Both Lower Percentages than Nationally (Hey, Maybe We Don’t Have an Abusive, Racist Police Problem in the Windy City)

Instead today, we get the same story of conflict between police and citizens around another so-called “unarmed black man.” This man’s name is Maurice Granton, Jr. and he has two daughters. It’s tragic, as almost any death is. These are some local headlines:

Public images from Maurice Granton’s Facebook page.


2018 fatal shootings by police (so far):

My Spreadsheets (feel free to leave comments)

Data Analysis of Use of Force Against Blacks in DOJ Report on Chicago Police + Arrest Data: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1FU0YyGjJE_lrCJl0tWtpnQtomLpaKlp_3gyjuM_odGY/edit#gid=952921389

From Maurice Granton’s Facebook page posted June 7, 2018.



Writer. Researcher. Designer. Human seeking better outcomes for all. Empiricism, relevant facts, and logical arguments > simple narratives.

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David Shuey

Writer. Researcher. Designer. Human seeking better outcomes for all. Empiricism, relevant facts, and logical arguments > simple narratives.