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  • Marc Andrew

    Marc Andrew

    Designer. Created Cabana Design System for Figma https://cabanaforfigma.com, sharing UI & UX Tips at https://www.marcandrew.me and building https://headr.io

  • Vivek Kumar

    Vivek Kumar

    User Experience Engineering Analyst

  • Userpilot Team

    Userpilot Team

    Userpilot is a Product Growth Platform designed to help product teams improve product metrics through in-app experiences without code. Check out userpilot.com

  • Ameet Ranadive

    Ameet Ranadive

    Entrepreneur. Product management @ Instagram.

  • Alexei Malashkevich

    Alexei Malashkevich

    Head of Mobile | Eva Design System Product Manager @ Akveo

  • Tanya Stahler

    Tanya Stahler

    Unconventional mother. Race director and writer for Inside Trail Racing. Suspended biology career to better feed myself to each of my three kids.

  • Paul Austin Murphy

    Paul Austin Murphy

    MY PHILOSOPHY: https://paulaustinmurphypam.blogspot.com/ ON TWITTER: https://twitter.com/PaulAustinMurp2

  • Michael Tracey

    Michael Tracey

    Roving journalist

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