How about this study: Chicago. There’s an average of 1 death by Chicago police per 300,000 (2015–2016), which is the SAME as anywhere in the USA (1000 deaths out of 300+ million). Yet the violence and homicide rate in Chicago is 4x higher than the national average, and there’s already 700+ murders this year (8 by police). Inner city police are actually remarkably restrained when they are nearly 40% of violent crime arrests committed by African Americans but they’re making up 26% of all deaths by police.

This isn’t racism. These are facts. I’m actually convinced the “tipping point” for Trump may have been the BS hyperbole by Black Lives Matter, which angers me because I DO want better outcomes for poor minorities. Ain’t happening now. Stick to facts, America, and be unafraid.


My City of Chicago: “Shocking & Disturbing” Police Shooting Video Released in Chicago in Context: Chicago Police Actually Kill 4x Less Than National Average.”

“How Roland Fryer’s Controversial Harvard Study on Racial Bias by Police Actually Shows Negligible Bias (or Brutality)”: It doesn’t take a “genius” to conclude for the past few years that if the black U.S. demographic that is 25% of those being killed by police is also 27% of the those arrested (36% for violent crimes), and 43% of the persons killing cops, then there might very well not be nationwide systemic racial bias against that demographic.

I think the media is participating in a form of New Correctness — and over-correction from past injustices. I coined the term here:

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