I also think there’s one simple point to make: The officer shows no indication that he purposely threw the drunk, face-spitting citizen onto a curb. The officer’s back was to the curb and in the heat of the moment in making a legal takedown, one can’t always survey every part of the landscape. If the officer turned around, lifted him high in the air, and threw him into the curb, then throw the book at him, by all means.

Also, at least this CBS reporter quoted the FOP who are the only ones accurately describing what any legal expert can attest to (I have no doubt that with a fair hearing out, the officer will be exonerated). But I agree it is poor journalism to constantly take the most unsympathetic angle and fill their article with quotes from people who are poised to sue for million$. This is par for the course in Chicago journalism, alas.

He needs mental care. But the police had no basis for throwing him down in a way that could have killed him,” Jackson continued. “We’ve seen this before, and it must stop. I hope that the mayor and those involved will move immediately to deal with this police officer and those who stayed silent and did nothing.”

After the incident Mayor Lori Lightfoot tweeted that while the video doesn’t show the entire incident, she found it “very disturbing.”

The Chicago Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) said Williams was in danger and had to take action.

“Tried to de-escalate, the guy was out of control, he was threatening him, and he did a takedown,” said FOP Second Vice President Martin Preib.

On Tuesday, a second officer was relieved of police duties in connection with the incident at COPA’s request, while it continues to investigate.

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