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I imagine we'll always be coming from different perspectives, but you 100% misunderstand my point on saying "Remarkably, he's still attending Columbia." I'm remarking about his relative youth, and how well he presented himself in front of Congress. Most every one else speaking that day was at least 40 years of age. Flash forward three years, and he's made quite a career for himself. I believe Hughes will go down as one of the stronger intellectual thinkers of his time, and he's only 26 yeras of age (as of July 2022).


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And seeing that you posted a poll TWO YEARS after Coleman Hughes presented his research in front of Congress, and immediateliy after 2020 "racial reckenoning" protests, then it's very possible the numbers moved from 33% to 14% being against reparations.

Again, this was written in 2019. Your poll was from April 2021.


In that time, I'm even more determined that BLM has only hurt black lives, not helped them. Well, those protests largely drove the 29% increase in murders in 2020.

7 papers and analyses indicating a Ferguson Effect certainly occurred the past few years, defined as an uptick in violence and homicides as a result of increased police scrutiny and protests. This combination delegitimizes police in the eyes of citizens, causes police to pull back, and often leads to policies detrimental to public safety (like consent decrees).

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