I would love to be sympathetic, but when you write, “ When I am murdered by a supremacist in the street, don’t mourn me.” I have to ask. Where do you get your facts? Here are some for all of us:

5 of 15,000 annual murders are Hate Crime-related, according to the anti-racist Southern Poverty Law Center.

2000 of 15,000 annual murders are arguably gang-related at the 13% rate mentioned here at the National Gang Center.

Blacks kill twice as many white persons as vice versa. (When known: 409 to 189 in 2013)


Read more from yours truly until we all get on the “same page” of facts: “Or super-duper simply: White people and black people, as individual demographic sets, are roughly 40% of those in prison and 40% of criminals and crime victims in many categories. But police in 2015 killed more than 1000 persons, 10% unarmed (90 total in 2015, according to the Washington Post), and about 50% were white and 25% were black.”


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