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I’m happy to repeat the all-caps gibberish:

There’s a huge swath of the self-righteous far-left THAT HELPED TRUMP WIN that wants to read brain-numbing click-bait against neoliberalism and the “establishment,” so she fills the market.

That link is a widely read article “Are Liberals Helping Trump?” from the New York Times, but obviously, someone who says Clinton is more evil than Trump would wave their hand, “Yes, I am helping Trump!” So bravo, Ms. Johnstone!

I supported Bernie Sanders and campaigned on the ground for him in Chicago, Illinois. But he lost fairly and squarely. I accepted that, unlike far-too-many others, and the #NeverHillary left remained in pure paranoia mode, which killed momentum and kept many voters at home. When Wikileaks showed clear-cut “corruption” when the DNC chairman emailed Bernie wasn’t going be president, it was an email in May when he wasn’t going to be president. Real corruption would be an email showing how the DNC made a debate schedule benefiting Clinton. That didn’t exist, nor anything close to collusion. In the end, Bernie pleaded for his followers to vote for Hillary, yet arrogant liberals still voted for Jill “graffiti artist” Stein. Now the world is on fire.

Writers like yourself do Russian’s work for them. Which helps keep Trump in the White House, and instability worldwide. You’re a part of that. Accept it.

Critique all you want through pea-soup green covered glasses, but I’m not telling any journalist how to get anyone elected. I’m merely accusing you and others of lacking critical thinking skills to understand how dangerous Trump is, and how Clinton merely voted with 76 other senators to authorize use of force against Iraq in 2003 after all other efforts were exhausted (23 voted against). Many others on this thread have pointed how calls for a no-fly zone isn’t an automatic declaration of war, as you narrowly interpret.

(The Huffington Post already wrote up the 5 Myths about Clinton’s Iraq war vote, but pretty sure the #NeverHillary crowd never took it to heart.)

Even your buddy Jon Yalcinkaya points out in an attempt to be in solidarity with you that Clinton was politically in the middle of all Democratic presidential nominees politically over the past 50 years — further left than Carter 1976 — with evidence provided by Kevin Drum The Nation. But the real Kool-aid drinkers see “war-monger” with Clinton and no one is going to change their mind or admit they were wrong.

Until then, we’ll continue having more people killed in Syria than any other modern conflict. Trump also killed 1000+ civilians in his first 100 days, and goodness knows what he'll do next. If I may add my own snark at no extra charge: The mushroom cloud sky is the limit, with him.

From The Nation, Dec 2016: “Bernie Sanders Would Have Lost the Election in a Landslide.” Possibly.



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