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The redwood sized question to conspiracy-minded folks and curious Americans alike: If this was something “Clinton started,” how come there’s no stories about it? For years. I posted yesterday a separate comment at the bottom of this McClatchy article. Trump apologists and right-wing trolls sent me a 2007 Atlantic link on Mark Penn or 2008 Huffington Post link as proof. NONE mentioned Obama’s birthplace. They merely showed rough-and-tumble politicking by Clinton’s camp (some ugly). There’s NO evidence (link, website, non-conspiracy whisper) that Clinton or her proxies have a direct connection to this controversy. Even if Blumenthal did try to peddle birtherism, it actually never took root and no other reporter has ever said they heard from him. Thus, it would still be a lie by Trump to state, “Hillary Clinton and her campaign of 2008 started the birther controversy.”

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