David Shuey
2 min readJan 19, 2021


It's pretty remarkable the contrast in media coverage. They were silent the past 6 months, and immediately "pounced" on this issue of far-right violence.

It's pretty obvious hearing NPR today that virtually no one is protesting or on the streets now. Could it be a one-time thing? (I still think right wing terrorism is possible.)

It was a constant "resistance" protest going on for 9 weeks since the Nov 2016 election to inauguration.


There's even a Wikipedia page showing what was happening just 4 years ago. These DisruptJ20 disruptors stated clearly their goals (which don't sound unlike the 1/6/2021 loonies): "An umbrella coalition of groups with a core of local organizers who have a lot of activist experience. Washington, D.C. organizers ... most of whom are anarchists. ... The idea ... is we want to undermine Trump's presidency from the get-go. There has been a lot of talk of peaceful transition of power as being a core element in a democracy and we want to reject that entirely and really undermine the peaceful transition."


There were people shot who protested (gang members, so it wasn't covered that much):


More than 200 arrested on inauguration day (which many called "fascism" at the time, despite clear violence and destruction taking place), compared to 1/6/21. (The difference is: They were prepared back then; and weren't two weeks ago).


Yes, they did take center stage for months.




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