I’ve lived in Africa for 6 months, and enjoyed it. I’ve been to 35 countries or so. My sister even had her mission in the Philippines.

I personally think I could live in most any place. Some Americans wouldn’t be able to handle unfamiliar, new environments — whether it’s Indonesia (as Barrack Obama lived, and thrived, as a kid) or even the U.K.

I actually had a change in my general attitude, as opposed to the times in my life when I wanted to be an expat (like during the Iraq War). When I look at metrics like longevity and relatively low crime rates and low unemployment (for now), I don’t see the United States as that bad. Trump didn’t change America overnight. Sure, we’re in a divisive time, but 1:1, most people are pretty good to one another.

Just some random thoughts.



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David Shuey

Writer. Researcher. Designer. Human seeking better outcomes for all. Empiricism, relevant facts, and logical arguments > simple narratives.