Nice comment, Nunayar Dombe Swaks, “You know, rectal encephalitis may not kill you, Shuey, but it sure does make your worldview stink. Give it a yank, see what happens.” Did I meet you at a Chicago Bernie Meet-Up? You actually sound like a half-dozen others that showed up there and took the open microphone. It almost made me want to vote for Hillary Clinton, but I stuck through Sanders through the Illinois primary.

How pure must you be?

Tom Perez and Keith Ellison are a tight team now attempting to unite the Democrats. They may never get some on this page to care.

Bernie Sanders critiqued the DNC, but as he campaigned coast-to-coast for Hllary Clinton he worked hard to point out how much worse for the United States and the world Donald Trump and Republicans would be.

I guess Ellison and Sanders are just traitors.

Much of this has the sound of children who didn’t get the toy they wanted for Christmas, and are willing to whine about it through Halloween. For Ms. Johnstone, I’ll get her a Melbourne Mörk chocolate bouquet if she discovers reason.

P.S. Mr. Swaks Do you have any evidence for your claims, especially, “During the Obama years, families of color in this country lost 50% of their net worth and experienced a giant increase in police terrorism and murder”? Please share. I will. In the election year, 56% more police got shot and killed under Obama. Same year, overall fatal police shootings fell according to The Washington Post, and shootings of unarmed perpetrators dropped from 9% to 5% of total fatal police shootings (16 of which were unarmed black males, one-third of the total). Overall, just under 1000 people die by police gun fire, and Black Americans are 25% of the total and non-Hispanic whites are 50%, aligning directly with arrest rates. Though, one can’t purely blame or credit a president for all that. That would be crazy. There is no evidence “police terrorism” increased during the Obama years. That’s perception, not reality. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention the rate of police killings per million for African Americans has fallen by 70 percent (a three-fold drop) over the last four decades, but have remained the same for all other racial groups. Black police shoot their weapon at a rate 3.3 times higher than white police, and nearly 80% of the people shot are black, according to University of Pennsylvania criminologist Greg Ridgeway.

Understand yet the distorted world in which some live?

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