OK, I’m going to add the snide remarks from the right-wing and xenophobic factions here aren’t helpful. But I have had my criticisms of Think Progress and knee-jerk reactions before, and I’m continually finding it upsetting that every heinous act gets “framed” by the ideological narrative that people are married to. It is indeed not predictably shooter. It was a knife-wielding a Muslim refugee who turned on his host country, by all indications. WE STILL SHOULD ALLOW MUSLIM REFUGEES IN BECAUSE THESE ACTS ARE RARE. There are 6 annual Jihadist murders in the U.S. after the June 2016 Orlando nightclub shooting, which doubled the yearly number from 3.

Ironically, I posted a story about this today, which I encourage people to help me on this “posting project” of capturing the “worst-of-the-worst” in post-election violence. The dreadful Medium article title is “HELP: I’m Trying to Document All Verifiable Acts of Hate-Based Battery Violence (political, race, religion, gender, sexuality, etc.)This is the second time in one month that Ohio State University has been in thew news due to seemingly irrational violence.

Click link and go to #3 under the subhead “3 ACTS of ANTI-PROTESTER, PRO-TRUMP and/or RACIST VIOLENCE (getting punched, etc.) POST-ELECTION.” Yes, there’s only 3 I could find. HELP!

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David Shuey

David Shuey

Writer. Researcher. Designer. Human seeking better outcomes. Also searching for relevant facts and logical arguments above expedient or politial narratives.