Comments by chopper: Unnecessary and arguably showing racial bias.

Walking to your car window (possibly reaching in) when 4 police have guns on you, presumably telling you to “stop” what you’re doing: Highly suspect and dangerous (to police and yourself).

Number of people shot & killed by police last year: 990
White: 494; Black: 258; Hispanic: 172
Other/Unknown: 66 Unarmed: 93

% of population:
White: 63%; Black: 13%; Hispanic: 17%

Roughly 10% of the time people are shot unarmed. 60% of the time it’s people who aren’t black. But 40% of time it is. Circumstances vary.

The white population may be 50% of all people killed by police, but they are 5x larger than the black population. Thus, a disparity. However, when factoring in police interaction — arrests for violent crimes or total incarceration population, for example — both demographic groups are 40% of the total, give or take a few percentage points. But TWICE as many white persons are killed at hands of the police than black person. That’s a fact.

Read more and give yourselves some perspectives:

Uniform Crime Report for crime rates, and thus, interaction rates w/ police (Note that Caucasian/Hispanics are combined as “White”):

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