Something I wrote today, somewhat relating to the topic. I still am pissed that Trump won. And I give a portion of that blame to arguments that miss the forest through the trees. Click link to read more:

HELP: I’m Trying to Document All Verifiable Acts of Hate-Based Battery Violence (political, race, religion, gender, sexuality, etc.)


Still, the internet oxygen today appears to be “Racist White Woman Trump Rant in Chicago Store” which just got on Time Magazine’s radar. Part of me thinks this this “New Correctness” (post-PC) is why Trump won. Conservatives think so. Even Trump-hating conservatives. But I digress. We’re talking real, verifiable pain here, and who is on the receiving end. I only split it by two groups because that’s the narrative brought forward by ideological poles in this debate. “Who suffers more at the hands of the other?” And it also begs the question, “What is suffering?”


My bias? I admit being a suffering journalist and wayward liberal — but I’m truly hopeful for better outcomes for the poorest (some say “racialized”) among us. If one reads my Medium posts, you’ll detect a whiff of “aren’t we blowing things out of proportion?” Over and over. To some, that’s gaslighting, which I’m finding the most nonsensical and empty of argument stoppers. Mostly, I want to be an honest broker when we’re talking about society, for example the results of violence by bigotry or racism. I want to understand beyond the anecdotal how extensive systemic racial bias is by police or how overwhelming institutional racism in our justice system. So far, I’m not finding it very systemic or overwhelming.

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