Thanks for writing this. I’m finding myself a “wayward liberal” nowadays. Especially when the “the sky is falling down / racism is everywhere” B.S. from the left annoying me more than the fact-deficient Trump’sm on the right. We’re actually becoming a fact-less nation, and that scares me.

I wrote his last week (“HELP: I’m Trying to Document All Verifiable Acts of Hate-Based Battery Violence (political, race, religion, gender, sexuality, etc.)”) and I’m open to any suggestions on getting some information published. If one reads my Medium posts, you’ll detect a whiff of “aren’t we blowing things out of proportion?” Over and over.

But I explored for hours the worst violent crimes post-election, and these are my results of documented battery violence (and I’m open to updating them):

* 3 that are “Hate Crime,” anti-protester, or committed by Trump supporters

* 7 that are “Anti-Trump” and/or beat downs against Trump supporters

And it’s the Trump supporters that are getting out of hand?

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