We should all be so lucky (re: getting blocked by Caitlin Johnstone). And regarding your last line, perhaps you’re right: Medium, like much of social media, appears to be making propaganda and fake news more prevalent. At any rate, I used your post when rebutting her recent argument that somehow Hillary Clinton is worse than Trump. See first link:


Johnstone also loves to battle any naysayers, or block stay at home moms, as she did this month. Again, I find this a tactic for gaining followers. Or she’s the most thin-skinned writer on Earth. There’s a bit of paranoid self-protection here, too. Her rebuttal where she says “I demand a retraction with this letter included therein in full” (her bold) is an indication of this. You may not have given permission to be part of Russia propaganda sites, but your content certainly lines up to serve them.

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