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What’s missing from this story? Actual “violence” — or even the word “violence.” Do people know that battery violence from hate crimes may represent 1 in 500 acts of violence taking shape in the USA? What’s also missing? The two major figures caught in recent months commiting the threats of violence were 1. A white-hating black guy in Missouri; and 2. An Israeli-Jewish teen, where it’s reported April 24 in The Guardian that he made 2,000 threats worldwide with “sophisticated technology to mask his voice and IP address.” Thus, proving it’s not prevalent hate, just scalability in tech by bored teens.

The Trump administration’s stupidity and fomenting of “hate” aren’t responsible for that. It’s not even clear that “hate crimes are on the rise” as nearly every media outlet is saying.

I urge people to take a measured view of all this “hate” that we’re talking about. Or a fact-based one. Here’s what I wrote in NOVEMBER when I did an analysis of all the stories of hate crimes coming out of The Southern Poverty Law Center and elsewhere:


A quick analysis on the Southern Poverty Law Center data shows how few claims rise to a level of physical violence. Based on my numbers above:


  • 3 cases of “battery violence” out of 674 (701 minus 27 anti-Trump)= .04%


  • 7 cases of “battery violence” out of 27 = 26%

Those are some vastly disparate averages. Are anti-Trump “haters” 50x more effective pugilists? Logic may dictate there’s something fishy going on in the world of social justice and how the media reports about it.

Incidents of violence the first days after election, according to Southern Poverty Law Center. None showed acts of battery violence, nor is “assault” even mentioned.

FBI Data Crunching Part Trois: But in terms of official numbers — for apples to apples comparisons and to get a percentage — that’s still 700 hate crime acts of battery violence out of 390,233 FBI reported violent crimes. Thus, I calculate only .2% of total violent crimes are hate crime-related (or 1 in 500).

Note again: For the FBI, “violent crime” does not include simple assault, but 62% are aggravated assault and nearly 30% are robberies with the rest rape and murder. So if you removed robbery, you could bump up that percentage to .3%. It’s still miniscule.

4–5 of 15,000 annual murders are hate crime-related, according to the anti-racist left Southern Poverty Law Center. Thus, hate crime murders are .04% of overall homicides. Even the U.S. Department of Justice says there’s no more that 6 per year.

Let’s not forget: Perspective. Across the USA annually, there are 1.2 million violent assault victims and 5 million violent acts. Homicides are projected to increase 31.5% over the past two years according to a Brennan Center for Justice Report, passing 16,000 total. There are 7,993,631 property crimes in 2015, too.



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