What’s The True Fatality Rate for New York State & New York City from COVID-19?

Governor Andrew Cuomo Releases New Coronavirus Antibodies Testing Data April 23, 2020, and Here’s the Quick Data Rundown (& Here’s a Quick Answer: It’s 0.5%)

This all begs the question: Did Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York beat President Donald Trump and the federal government in providing some of the most key testing and data results since the Coronavirus pandemic broke out? Let’s put politics aside for a minute, though, and look at the results.

The Gist

We’re trusting Cuomo numbers, as he had the experts run the data. But it doesn’t hurt to double check. (Spreadsheet link). UPDATE: Originally this article used the term “CFR” or Case Fatality Rate, but the more accurate term is “IFR” or Infection Fatality Rate which includes asymptomatic and undiagnosed infections.

The Standard Case Fatality Rate

State of Illinois Announcements on April 23

In Conclusion: When Will It End?

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