When Comey Was Right: How Viral Videos Affect Policing & the Importance of Police Legitimacy

I wrote I was wrong about James Comey post-election, thinking his last-week-of-the-campaign actions couldn’t possibly sway the electoral votes away from Hillary Clinton towards Donald Trump. But tonight that he’s incredulously fired by President Trump over ostensibly his handling of Clinton’s emails, I still believe there’s much about what Comey represented — and stated publicly upsetting both sides of the aisle — that will stand the test of time and be proven right. Especially when I wrote about his views on the The Ferguson Effect and how scrutiny of police may affect public safety. I believed that for some time, and only in May 2017 is my local NPR affiliate talking about it. Below are my pre-election 2016 thoughts on former FBI Director James Comey I wrote in October 2016, two weeks before he once again became a lightning rod during the 2016 presidential campaign:


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