David Shuey
2 min readJun 8, 2020


You cherry picked argument is still "Feelings." You would have to do an actual analysis of ALL the "mass shooters" by race over a 10-year period.

But this is a stupid comparison. You include Gregory and Travis McMichaels? They called the police themselves! They were calling 911 when they were supposedly "lynching" a man they were trying to make an ill-advised citizen's arrest on!


But Mass Shooters are less than 1% of murderers. My data includes 100% of people armed and unarmed dying at at the hands of police. And 95% are armed. And more the 75% are NOT black, even though just more than 50% of murderers are black.

Actions dictate outcomes. If you start a shootout with police, you will get shot at. If you give up, you will not.

And since you like anecdote, there was a famous “Dylann Storm Roof Vs Lee Boyd Malvo” meme that went around the DOES make the point that both mass murderers were treated the same.


And since you brought up Mass Shooters for some odd reason, I have done a mass shooting analysis to show that even in the Trump era blacks are OVERREPRESENTED as mass shooters (22.58% last time I ran the numbers). White mass shooters are UNDERREPRESENTED.


Of a handful of shootings that involve black people, YES they were shot by police. BECAUSE they were shooting cops and injuring them.


A smart analysis needs to be done. Not picking examples off the vine.

Do you know of a black mass shooter shot when not shooting back? Or do you know a trend of white shooters shooting at officers and miraculously not being shot at?

Why try? This is not an honest conversation, I surmise.



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